2.3 The Public Library is….

What is the role of the public library? Is it a bastion of high culture, dedicated to the betterment of the public? Or is it a refuge for the public, serving the most popular fare? The question of how the public library has been perceived is the subject of today’s episode. We are joined by Sofia Beraldo, Chelsea Coubry-Forte, Erin Isings, Katrina Desjardins, Kate McCandless and Pam McKenzie, an interdisciplinary research team based at the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario.

Transcript: Coming Soon

Episode producer: Alex Mayhew

Show Notes: The comic mentioned in the episode

Title Comic 2 — No Title
Publication title The Globe and Mail (1936-2017); Toronto, Ont.
First page 24
Number of pages 1
Publication date Oct 18, 1946
Publisher The Globe and Mail
Country of publication Canada, Toronto, Ont.
ProQuest document ID1316552731
Document URL: https://www-lib-uwo-ca.proxy1.lib.uwo.ca/cgi-bin/ezpauthn.cgi?url=http://search.proquest.com.proxy1.lib.uwo.ca/historical-newspapers/comic-2-no-title/docview/1316552731/se-2?accountid=15115
Copyright The Globe & Mail division of Bell Globemedia Publishing Inc. Oct 18, 1946
DatabaseProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail

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