Started in spring 2018 and launched fall 2018, So What? is a podcast about library and information science research and why it matters.

So What? is created and produced by students at the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at Western University. Our student-driven approach is central to our project; we want to provide students with the opportunity to develop technical skills and practice knowledge dissemination. We believe strongly that practical projects and professional development pays off in dividends, in our profession and in our communities.

We interpret library and information science as well as research quite broadly. We aim to discuss topics that both celebrate and challenge the interdisciplinary nature of our field. This can be seen in our topic selection and in our variant episode formats. This approach supports us in developing an inclusive sandbox for researchers, practitioners, and students to explore and explain everything from pet projects to pet peeves, doctoral theses to half-baked schemes, and everything in between.

If you would like to get involved or propose an episode topic, please reach out to us at sowhat@uwo.ca

So What? is hosted on Soundcloud and available through iTunes and Stitcher.