Wooden blocks spell out "Thank you"

Thank you for making our launch a success ❤︎

Handwritten suggestions of topics LIS should be talking more about.
Click for enlarged image & comments transcription.

We were thrilled by the turnout at our official launch party today in the FIMS Graduate Resource Library. Our first official episode will be published on Oct 9; in the meanwhile, we invite you to enjoy our three pre-season episodes.

We have so many people to thank for their support in getting us to this point:

  • Erin Carroll & Paul Buckley-Golder for helping us in accessing the FIMS recording studios
  • Charlotte McClellan for helping us with our many, many website hiccups
  • Jacquie Burkell for encouraging us in both a personal and administrative capacity as we piloted this experiment
  • Lynn Ridley for designing our beautiful logo
  • Marni Harrington & the FIMS Graduate Library for space, promotions, and for blazing the trail for with their launch of the ELIP open-access journal
  • and, of course, all of you for your support, patience, and contributions


If you would like to support our fledgling success, we invite you to:


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