A sketch of Western University's FIMS/Nursing Building next to the ELIP loge

1.10 Emerging Library & Information Perspectives

Emerging Library & Information Perspectives (ELIP) is a new library and information science journal managed by students in the MLIS program at Western University. This open access publication is linked to a scholarly communications course offered by the Faculty of Information and Media Studies. The students learn about scholarly publishing by actively engaging in all aspects of the production of ELIP.

To explore the journal in more detail, Alex Mayhew interviewed:

  • Marni Harrington of the FIMS Graduate Library, who was instrumental in establishing ELIP;
  • Melissa Seelye, the instructor of the ScholComm course;
  • Madison Edgar, the inaugural Managing Editor; and,
  • Meghan Kirkland, the current Managing Editor.

Also interviewed were three authors published in the first issue of the journal: Sarah Glassford, Nicole Schoenberger, and Jim Seale.

ELIP illustrates the importance of engaging LIS students as active participants in the scholarly communications ecosystem. It also highlights the voices of emerging scholars with important new perspectives.

You can learn more about creative research from the Faculty of Information and Media Studies online: https://makerthinker.org/

Read the transcript.

Episode producers: Alex Mayhew, Mike Ridley


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